Walking with Jesus


The first Wednesday of April is celebrated as National Walking Day. That’s kind of funny, isn’t it? A national day of walking? Why would we celebrate doing something that we do every day? Well, it’s because we don’t walk enough. Consider this . . . when someone says, “Let’s go!” how do you respond? Do you put on your shoes and then start walking to your destination? Probably not, unless you are going to your neighbor’s house. Instead, you put your shoes on and head to the car because . . . it’s a whole lot faster than walking! Can you imagine having to walk everywhere?

But walking everywhere is what everyone did in Bible times! If they had somewhere to go, they strapped on their sandals and headed out on the road. Considering how far apart cities were, traveling from place to place was definitely a commitment! It’s been estimated that a person in Bible times could walk 20-25 miles (32 to 40 kilometers) a day. And since Jesus visited so many different places and ministered to so many different people, it’s safe to say that He spent a lot of His life just walking. In fact, many historians estimate that He walked so much that he almost walked right around the whole world.

Some benefits of walking include:

  • Strengthens your heart. Your heart is a muscle and muscles that are exercised get stronger. So get that blood pumping!
  • Gives you energy. If you feel tired and your day is dragging along, a walk will energize you!
  • Makes you happier. Seriously! Physical exercise will help put you in a better mood.

Fun Fact: The Bible mentions walking over 200 times.

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