Sabbath School

About PowerPoint Sabbath School with Friends

Join us each week for a new junior sabbath school hosted by Kezia & Marcia and friends!

Marcia She is an active student and participates in various clubs and extracurricular activities. She loves bibles study and her person devotional time with God. Marcia wants to be faithful to God in all that she does. Her prayer is to remain faithful to see her Saviors face.

Kezia was born on the beautiful island of the Bahamas and was baptized at the age of 7. She loves Jesus and people (also animals especially dogs). Her hobbies are: talking with friends, going to the beach, baking, reading, watching fun YouTube videos and singing. She also plays the piano and is a member of Bahamas Chess Foundation. Kezia aspires to become a research chemist and a speech pathologist.